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You are what you eat


Sweet Basil (Bai Horapha)

It is used liberally as seasoning and sprigs of it are often added to platters of fresh raw vegetarian dishes. They have small deep green leaves with reddish- purple stems, and are used in red and green curries.
Flavor: Stronger than westem basil with a distinctive lemony fragrance.
Health Benefit: Seasons the food. Deodorizes the meat’s scent. Cures flatulence and aids digestion. Reduces phlegm.


Galangal or Galanga (Kha)

Member of the ginger family that looks similar to fresh ginger but with a more translucent skin and a pinkish tinge / pale-yellow color. Larger and lighter colored than ginger. Used in curry pastes, stir-fries and soups. Avoid using too large a quantity or it may spoil the taste of the curry. Flavor: Delicate flavor and lemony taste.
Health Benefit: Helps the digestive system to digest food. Cures flatulence. Drives phlegm from the throat and relaxes muscles.


Bird’s eye chilies, (phrik kee noo)

Small thin, green or sometimes red are used in soups, some liquid or currylike dishes and sauces. They are extremely hot. Dried chili (phrik haeng) uses both large (red spur chilies) and small (bird’s eye chilies) dried either in the sun or by smoking. Bright red chilies should be selected for the color they lend chili pastes. Flavor: Extremely hot. Health Benefit: Cures flatulence. Stimulates blood circulation. Drives gas out of the stomach. Increases perspiration and aids digestion.


Kaffir Lime (Ma Krud)

Green fruits with knobby, dark skin, widely used in Thailand. The skin, juice and leaves are all used. The rind is often grated and added to food, while the fragrant leaves, rinsed and shredded, are added in chili soups or hot salad dishes to heighten their aromatic appeal. Flavor: Strong lime fragrance and flavor. Health Benefit: Deodorizes the meat’s scent. Leaves and skin aid digestion.


Mint (Sa-Ra-Naei)

Thai mint leaves are deep green and round, thin, hairless, and slightly wavy. The stem is dark red and is served fresh as an ingredient in spicy chopped meat salads, spicy salads and in sour and spicy fish soups. Flavor: Hot and fragrant (especially after being washed and chopped). Health Benefit: Reduces perspiration and cures flatulence. Contains vitamin C that helps protect against colds and fevers. Its fragrance is invigorating.


About us

We are a bunch of Thai people who loves to cook , eat and enjoy our Thai food. The Thai food is our daily life passion.

It is a pleasure to prepare cook and serve our dishes to the customer just like the way we do back home. It is reminding us those day back to our childhood memories. Helping our mother, grandmother prepare those freshly materials in our open kitchen for a big Thai family.

Until today we believe fresh, quality, authentic are the main key ingredients of our dishes and proudly present to our customer as once Thai say you are what you eat 🙂

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